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Hawaii printing is always one of the essential design elements in the summer. But this season, to build the new double "Hawaiian" color Adidas Originals is popular ZX Flux running shoes. Shoe body using lightweight breathable mesh material production, with black as the substrate, and the green, purple, pink three colors of the intersection of the Hawaiian Print coverage on vamp up to create a summer breath, then mix low-key side bar, followed by a bracket and white midsole and black presented at the end. 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Now we are going to review those wonderful moments under the dunk contest, and classic shoes. 1985, was still a rookie Michael. Michael Jordan in the dunk contest, at the time of the slam dunk contest and now is not the same, big players are eager to sign up for the competition. With a Cheap air jordan 12 ovo gold necklace, and NIKE for the design of the exclusive shoes AIR JORDAN Jordan is like an offbeat. However, this Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes has became the several years after the sneaker culture pedigree, such as Nike, a small company also in the subsequent 1-20 years expands quickly jumped to become the first major sports brand in the world. About JORDAN AIR 1 Classic has no more words, in every Sneaker lovers in the heart it is sacred. But this year the slam dunk contest, Jordan and did not become a champion, in the finals and the fi cheap jordans for sale lm "human essence" Dominic & middot; battle of wits Wilkins has become future generations is difficult to forget the classic scene. Wilkins Jordan is also in the future in the dunk contest in the rival. 1986 years, because of the injury did not participate in the slam dunk contest of Jordan sit in watching from the sidelines as "potato" Weber became the NBA history on the shortest slam dunk king. 1987, wearing new shoes air jordan II of Jordan has finally crowned slam dunk champion, match those chic and elegant action is always in the memorie Retro jordans for sale s of the fans. And successfully defending 88 years, he is let dunk from the free throw line and those at the forefront, bold, ahead of the air jordan III have become the classic of classics. won two dunk champion, Jordan will no longer participate in the dunk contest. In 1991, height 186 cm on the Celtics guard Brown di · a blindfolded dunk became a champion. In front of every dunk, he will in the tongue to pinch a few, then dribbling approach, when the host said he has been straining at his shoes, but do not know the universe in his s Cheap air jordans for sale hoes. Lite ReebokPumpOmni, Reebok's most classic basketball shoes, tongue are marked on the pump's basketball logo and is a pneumatic valve, by shoes inside the pipe air into upper to increase the sense of shoes package. Today, the ReebokPumpOmni Lite has become a combination of fashion elements of the classic retro shoes, but also the annual Reebok engraved.NIKE SB seem a soft spot for beer, beer for the design of the shoes is also not uncommon, such as Heineken (Heineken), Pabst Blue Ribbon (Blue Ribbon), Newcastle Brown Ale and other tasti cheap foamposites ng brand design is also subject to a number SB fans in hot pursuit, now back to the re-launch of Nike SB Dunk High "Beer Bottle Pack" topic series, presumably SB can set off a boom. The series uses a beer Budweiser (Budweiser) and Heineken (Heineken) two color to the classic Dunk Hi shoes, based on two brands join the exclusive color. Budweiser models with raw rubber-soled design, tongue joined the American flag pattern, while Heineken version is a continuation of previous versions to help low color, but whether it is equipped with red and cheap jordans for sale mens green or reddish brown with a very seductive, like a friend may wish to recent Nike shop to take a look at the source or to purchase. Source: CalirootsMo bully young poor - UCL College League Sixth StationIn April 17th UCL, 2016 Southern China university students in the city of Guangzhou University in the city held a sixth station competition. From Cycling Association of Guangdong University of technology Miu Jiancheng to win the title. From Cycling Association of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Wang Zhongyang won the the third, continu Retro jordans for sale e to lead the score. UCL (Cycling League UbikeU) is a college student planning, organizing and participating in the series of cycling. 2014, "to create a college student's own league" after the birth of the idea, UbikeU Southern China University Automobile Association League after more than a year of preparation, in September 2015 held the first UCL game. After five stations of exploration and accumulation, UCL from initially only in Guangzhou several universities in two or three out of ten entries, to the site has attracted 10 school in Guan cheap jordans online gdong Province over a hundred entries. In addition, the mountain and the road race between the plum bamboo alternately held, while the development of two projects in the impact of student groups. sixth race is the highway race, the track for the majority of Front Gate Waihuanlu criterium the lap length of 2.5KM. In men's senior group, for example, team a total of 15 laps. The 3, 6, 9 and 12 laps for the sprint lap; each sprint laps of the top five in order to obtain 5 points in the sprint points, the last sprint (15th) award doubled, finally according to the total score ranking. Under such a rule, the players according to the characteristics of individuals and teams, with different strategies and tactics to cope with the game; the four sprint points, then let the game from beginning to end. a large number of colleges and universities in Dongguan united and Guangzhou students compete One of the founders of UCL, outside the Li Xiyang students recorded by GOPRO Stadium Dongguan City Hospital Yiming (right) "blockbuster", unexpectedly connect two cities, holding 10 points, will be a public advocate fight Guangzhou students forced despair,intense scene exclaimed caused the sidelines Miao Jiancheng completes his mission, sweep under the last two sprint; Chen Yiming the lip, Wang Zhongyang and radio and television Hu Zhiye refused the champion man outside the primary group of tradition of a strong school of Guangdong University of technology rule, China division of the players in the early stages of the tournament to challenge extensive work constantly in the sprint lap before trying to escape, but there were no convergence, woman group number, almost can catch up with some of the social nature of the open game, UCL Executive Committee, passion for cycling in universities and colleges in Guangzhou City brewing for a decade later, began to germinate while at UCL is still a young man between the "chipping away", but we have to be moved by their love for cycling. At the same time, the level of competition in the organization and the level of the players also promote each other, and progress is gratifying. Bicycle sports flourish in the campus, UCL is such a can let the same