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& nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] American sports goods giant NIKE said quarter earnings increased 18 percent to $ 5.73 billion. Orders increased by an average of 13%, reaching $ 8.9 billion. increase in orders is mainly due to good sales in emerging markets, while the Chinese side sales increased by 31%, and other countries or regions grew 12%. In North America, orders increased by 16%. Performance was better than Wall Street's expectations, however, due to high cost, currently slightly lower profits. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)80 times when NBA is still Adidas and CONVERSE in the country, but it is Adidas does not pay attention to Wang, Wang was still a small company led to the Nike's, then ushered in a new era of Nike, Air and Jordan series is now rare players retired after the year a signature shoe brand an cheap jordan shoes for men d, in the operation, Air Jordan Nike and other brands operate independently, and also in the positioning of higher than other brands. although Jordan now also signed a series of all NBA players, such as Paul, Westbrook, Anthony, but in the hearts of fans, the annual Air Jordan is a shoe in the shoe is Jordan fans fans series true representatives. today, let's look at the pharmacist will take Jordan's basketball shoes series. 1985 - AIR JORDAN 1 HI Jordan generation can be said to be riotous with colour now basketball shoes patron deity, 80 times the NBA coalition to stop the players wear non white tennis shoes on, compared to 94 years and 01 of the two engraved in Yuan Dynasty, no AIR JORDAN 1 HI followed by logo is the most conspicuous difference. 1986 - AIR JORDAN 2 AIR JORDAN 2 rare did not see the same hook logo, the classic is red color, the whole shoes more con Cheap air jordan 12 ovo cise atmosphere, we most of this pair of shoes is the image of Jordan first got the dunk contest. 1987 - AIR JORDAN 3 AIR JORDAN 3 in addition to the 88 year. Second times for the dunk contest champion, but also a symbol of Jordan is his first generation selection trapeze (on the tongue, eyes and sole is Nike mark), together with the same Air Max1, can be seen in the sole air cushion. AIR JORDAN 3 burst pattern upper also affected several generations behind Jordan shoes planning. 1988 - AIR JORDAN 4 AIR JORDAN 3 compared with the previous three generations, the biggest change is the beginning of the mesh fabric to make uppers, permeability stronger, lighter weight, complete the concept of Flight, and is now Jordan is the only flight generation shoe mark paragraph. 1989 - AIR JORDAN 5This pair of Ray Allen's endorsement of AIR JORDAN 5 is the first use of transparent Cheap air jordans for sale sole, the friction force is stronger, skid resistance is very good, with more beautiful appearance, when many shoes on AIR JORDAN 5 largest know that "master" is our company cartoon dunk youth, I wear is AIR JORDAN 5. The same year, AIR JORDAN 5 is a low section. focus on "buying sauce", the purse is not good! The price of these circulation God shoes, who is the most expensive? today we summed up the domestic market, the most expensive shoes in the 18 pair of shoes, Everyone wants to in VlonexAF1, actually ranked third countdown. ... Top18 adidasYeezyBoost350V2, white horse Price: about 9000RMB fried didn't think white horse is a list of the most expensive, rare sale amount and high transfer price, pocketed the eye for it, as a boutique V2 color, consolidate the position of yeezy in the street. you Top17, KAWSxAirJordan4Taobao price: 11000RMB friedIn Ma Retro jordans for sale rch this year, is undoubtedly the strongest shoes, this pair of rare astronomical shoes, the texture is very touching. Top16, VlonexAirForce1Taobao price: 12000RMB fried strong VlonexAF1, in a variety of icon on foot, very few offer blessings, finally into the list. Top15, FragmentDesignxAirJordan1Lightning AJ1 needless to say, if the AJ1 lightning really sold this year, its market price will not change much. Top14, NikeFreeMercurialSuperflyHTMTaobao price: 12500RMB fried Teng Yuan Hao, TinkerHatfield, MarkParker, three people together to create, with NikeSkin technology to ensure the fabric air permeability, is extremely rare. Top13 adidasYeezyBoost350, the first generation Taobao price: 14000RMB fried 350V2 350 has not been so beautiful, not to mention the 350 primary still expensive. Top12, AirJordan1SatinTaobao price: 15000RMB fried i Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s used to create color silk fabrics, and Bred of an identical nature. global limit 501 pairs. Top11, AirJordan1Banned2011my daughter is 9 years old, natural white, is the third grade primary school students in Beijing. At the age of 7 to go and Enlightenment in July 2016 after a year into a love of chess road open web training course go, now the Beijing City Chess amateur 4. Her daughter did not go to kindergarten, my mother is the director of the office of the initiative to give up work, bring their own to school age. During the mother through outings when encountered billboards and the license plate number taught natural literacy numeracy, the primary school enrollment has been basically reached can read newspaper articles literacy level...... To those things that go girl is really natural, not one or two words can say clearly. said in her on the first grade of the wint Retro jordans for sale er vacation, my house office opened a new children's chess training institutions, can free trial 4 times. Through the 4 day natural class learned to cross and eat simple torsion means, a few days later happened to catch up to Tongzhou District chess level match, children enrolled in the fun, did not think 6 wins got my first gold medal game also set 15...... That the child is particularly excited, just got home poker-faced said to me: "Dad, I want to go!" I said to her: "go not to learn to rely on interest, you can't always win, but also lost it? In other words, you are a girl, my father won't ask too much of you, you can not learn, but chose to study to get, can not give up halfway, you can do it?" Then my mother called rounders "can buy her the initiatory teaching material for their own learning, she knows so many words will, if she is really love I go to find her training t cheap jordans for sale mens oo late." Daughter reluctantly said: "okay......" the next day go to the opposite that he auditioned chess training institutions spent tens of dollars to buy the textbooks and the Enlightenment of go chess, and communicate with the teacher. The teacher said that from March 1st onwards to the formal commencement of enlightenment, this book about a year, after Beijing can reach level 5, you still send their children to school, after the 4 day trial class 15 grade children can win I haven't met her, one day should be good don't delay. I smiled and replied: "the girl may eat bitter, two months if she can insist, I will give you send children......" Having said that, but always felt indebted to the teacher, when wanting to put on the teacher's desk quietly prepared a bottle of imported red Wine after the heart to get some comfort...... from every day after school, and began to cheap jordans online self natural stage of their holding primer chess, hard work pays off, after a month of March 29th in Beijing Fangshan District daughter level chess tournament 6 consecutive wins, 10, and three weeks after Ge Yuhong in April 18th to participate go Dojo level match to the war the final set and eventually win 5 level success...... Then I really feel the children into the regular chess school to learn, or really delay...... in about a month and a half since the last buy textbooks and chess after Enlightenment, I took my daughter again into that he auditioned 4 times go class children's chess training institutions gate. In the face of self not to. now when it comes to fashion a single product, it is absolutely not shoes, NIKE's Air Max, Air Force, Adidas's Stan Smith and Puma Creeper have a large number of fans, of course, there are many brands I will not enumerate, Xiao Bian tod cheap jordans for sale ay I would like to recommend big brother Air Jordan several kinds of shoes. , we begin with the classic origins of AIR JORDAN I: Air, Jordan, I, Retro, High, bright orange, black, color, replica, paragraph, the first year of 1984 style design, so there are shoes with NIKE AIR embroidery, rather than Jump Man flying LOGO. vamp mix full grain leather and cattle nubuck leather, comfortable and durable, and the shoe heel is equipped with a built-in Air-Sole air cushion, to a full damping effect, the shoes also have a pair of small, walking in the street can certainly make enough for your eyes. is now the official website price 1199, as the first generation of AJ series, is absolutely necessary in the shoe cabinet! In 1988, AJ4 was developed to meet the needs of Joe's rapid challenge. AJ4, the legendary shoe of the AJ series, is now a must-have pair of sneakers for sneakers cheap foamposites , so be careful not to find it on the street. today Xiaobian recommend this engraved version of the Air Jordan 4 Retro black and royal blue color, the color of the collocation is to pay tribute to Michael established the motorcycle team, has its unique significance, the body of the shoe is also used by the side of the ankle support and innovative molding mesh structure design, is more powerful are there Air heel and forefoot collocation for the protection of air cushion, pace is more on a higher level. , now the official website price 1399, you echocardiography? in March 18, 2017, not long ago, NIKE AJ official website sold a special color matching engraved paragraph AJ6, which is recommended by small AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO'ALTERNATE'91. Why has a special meaning of the color, the color is originally may be available in 1991, it has used the white and red tricolor healthy white golden collocation, to know that AJ6 is doing the first NBA championship when wearing shoes, the shoe bold color design is to commemorate Joe the boss first win glory! seen dunk master friends may know, AJ6 is actually Yingmuhuadao the first pair of basketball shoes. is currently priced at 1399, love and love of basketball shoes Joe closer friends is not a chop hand impulse. finally made a recommendation for AJ6, a personal favoriteextra-butter-asics-sidewinder-release-date-2.jpg (433.92 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-31 11:00 upload extra-butter-asics-sidewinder-release-date-3.jpg (215.44 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-31 11:00 upload extra-butter-asics-sidewinder-release-date-4.jpg (179.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-31 11:00 upload extra-butter-asics-sidewinder-release-date-5.jpg (350.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-31 11:00 upload extra-butter-asics-sidewinder-release-date-6.jpg (146.55 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-31 11:00 upload extra-butter-asics-sidewinder-re〉0.jpg (62.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-13 09:21 upload to the last day of celebration in October, once a year the wonderful Halloween, Adidas will launch the popular basketball shoes extension " TS Heat Check" design the Halloween Special Edition, Taiwan limited 30 double, 10/18 from the north central and south of a total of 5 retail stores selling point. This commemorative shoes have the most professional TS Heat Check technology, Adidas unique Supernatural sole can strengthen the protection of the stability and full motion, solve the foot hot humid Climacool technology is not sloppy, side of the shoe body fabric can provide both cooling and special graffitis effect gradually layer, presentation gorgeous and popular feeling full! The shoe body and the sole use of the traditional Halloween Black, orange, green and other colors for the perfect collocation and change, the details also have conspicuous and the festive atmosphere with pumpkin faces the "ghost" Boo voice! "The text interspersed among the topics more relevant for halloween. 1.jpg (71.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-13 09:21 upload 2.jpg (62.52 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-13 09:21 upload 3.jpg (584.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-10-13 09:21 upload